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Ride the best motorcycle roads in Romania on a BMW motorbike.
Transbucegi Road (1925m) offers some of the best mountain views in Romania and an incredible motorcycle riding experience. Narrow and winding, the road is a MUST RIDE for any motorbike rider while in the region. The spectacular landscape and the thrill of the twists and turns of this mountain road convinced local motorcycle tour operators to include it in the motorbike adventures they organize.

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a motorbike adventure on Transbucegi Road

The road has been included in the motorbike tours organized by local adventure travel agencies starting 2016.

Also known as The Old Ladies Road – Transbucegi is a narrow, sinuous road leading up to Bucegi Plateau. The Old Ladies and The Sphinx are famous Romanian rock formations. The wind sculpted their form as seen today. These are the reason many visitors venture to this area.

Best Motorcycle Roads Romania – How to get there

You can reach Transbucegi Road from the city of Sinaia up on DN71.
When at Cota 1000, as can be seen on the road signs, the riders will leave DN71 and head on DJ713. From here start 20 km of motorbike heaven, 17 of them tarmac. Of course the road is narrow, but it’s filled with road bends and hairpin curves. Furthermore, the ride unveils amazing views over the mountains.

On the other hand, the rest of 3 km is a protected area. Therefore it is off limits to riders or drivers. On the positive side, a 3 km hike in a natural reservation will take the adventurers to Babele (The Old Ladies) and The Sphinx. The walk will provide for a great opportunity to take pictures to rare species of plants or to admire amazing views.

If only riding, not walking is what interest the riders, Bucegi Mountains have more secrets to be discovered.

Best Motorcycle Roads Romania – Mountains and Dams

Best Mountain Roads Romania

Following the road to Laptici Mountains, on the side of the road you can find Turbaria Laptici. This place is a natural reservation for over 50 years. Point often overlooked is that Turbaria Laptici is one of the most interesting swamps in Romania, home for several rare species of flora. 

The ride to Turbăria Lăptici takes the road along Bolboci Lake. Bolboci is an artificial Lake in Bucegi Mountains.

Bolboci Dam is situated at an altitude of 1438 meters. That makes it the highest situated Dam in the country. At the same time, the turquoise – green water of the lake paints a view hard to forget.

Important to note: the ride is partially tarmac and partially gravel. However it comes with rewarding views offering plenty of photo opportunities.

The construction of Transbucegi Road begun in 2010 and are close to an end.

Transbucegi Road in Travel Catalogues – Best Motorcycle Roads Romania

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As expected, the trill of the ride, the twisted road and the amazing views over the mountains have convinced the adventure travel agencies to include this road in the tours they run in Romania.

Since 2016, Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live, has included Transbucegi  Road in its Best of Transylvania – Motorcycle Tour.

 “ By adding Transbucegi Road (1925m in altitude) to  Transalpina Highway (2145m in altitude) and Transfagarasan Road (2042m in altitude) , in our Best of Transylvania – Motorcycle Tour we complete the motorbike riding experience in Romania. This also adds value to the rides we offer to our adventurers. We make it our responsibility to offer our riders the best roads to ride in the area. It’s a 2wheel adventure. In the end, it’s all about the ride, isn’t it?”, says Claudia Palfi – manager at Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live.

Contact details:

Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live is a Romanian adventure tour operator. The company offers motorcycle tours and rentals in Transylvania (Romania), Eastern Europe, Africa & Asia. The company operates its tours and motorcycle rental services using BMW motorbikes, such as the GS range.

For more details contact:

Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live
USA, Canada – Toll-free: 866 376 6183

Ride safe and Enjoy the Adventure!

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