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Explore Romania on these Self-guided Motorcycle Tours. Pick up your motorcycle, your detailed itinerary and enjoy riding the twists of the Transylvanian mountain roads!

You will enjoy riding at your own pace, visit the tourist attractions you want and enjoy the freedom of the road. The booklet will provide you with all the information necessary to follow the routes recommended and to arrive in the afternoon at the hotels booked for you in advance.

Get your friends and fly to Transylvania! The motorbike will wait for you with a tank full of fuel ready to depart. A trip with no worries.

Best of Transylvania
Self-Guided Motorcycle Tours

  • Transfăgărășan – the most crooked and challenging of Europe's roads for motorcyclists
  • Transalpina – one of the most spectacular roads of the Carpathian Mountains (2 145 m above sea level)
  • Transbucegi Road – the newest mountain road in Romania (1925 m above sea level)
  • Bran Castle – also known as Dracula’s Castle, a legendary Transylvanian fortress dating back to 1377.
  • Râșnov Peasant Citadel – the largest peasant fortification ever built in Eastern Europe
  • Peleș Palace – one of the most beautiful royal residences in Europe, home to most of Romania’s monarchs
  • Brasov City tour – explore the Medieval Saxon city of Brasov with its outstanding medieval atmosphere, one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe
  • Sighisoara Medieval Citadel one of Europe’s most beautiful and inhabited fortified cities with a
    UNESCO World Heritage status.

Brief itinerary

Day 1

Turda Salt Mines. Visit its impressive halls named after kings and queens.
A ride to the Sunset mountains will make you an appetite for more riding.
Accommodate in a 4* Hotel.

Turda Salt Mines

Day 2

Cross trough Aiudului Gorges visit the wine region of Jidvei to reach the charming Medias.
Enjoy a relaxing walk in the medieval town of Medias and continue riding to Biertan.
Next stop is the medieval citadel of Sighisoara, Dracula’s birthplace.
Accommodate in a 3* Hotel located in the heart of the medieval citadel

Sighisoara citadel seen in Transylvania and Romania motorcycle tours

Day 3

Reach Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle that owes its fame both to its unique charm and to the myth Bram Stoker created around Dracula.
Explore today Brasov, with its Black Church, a city with an outstanding medieval atmosphere which has played a vital role in Romania’s history.

Bran Castle Romania motorcycle tours
Bran Castle seen in Transylvania and Romania motorcycle tours

Day 4

Ride in Prahova Valley and visit Peleș Palace, one of the most beautiful royal residences in Europe.
Continue riding Transbucegi Road – the newest mountain road in Romania.
Accommodation in Brasov in a 3* Hotel

Peles Castle a royal residence visited in Transylvania Motorcycle tours
Peleș Castle a royal residence visited in Transylvania Motorcycle tours

Day 5

Today you’ll ride Transfăgărășan Highway – the most crooked and challenging of Europe’s roads for motorcyclists.
Accommodation in a 4* Hotel on Transfăgărășan Road.

Transfăgărășan Road is a Must-Do in a Romania motorcycle tour

Day 6

Curtea de Argeș is your next destination with its beautiful Monastery built in Byzantine style.
Follow Transalpina Road, one of the most spectacular roads of the Carpathian Mountains and the highest mountain road in Romania.
Accommodation in a 3* Hotel on Transalpina Road.

Above the clouds on Transalpina Road, Romania

Day 7

Reach the town of Alba Iulia Citadel, a Vauban style fortresses  with seven bulwarks. Your journey will end in Turda.

This is an overview of the tour.
For more information, including the complete itinerary, please scroll up and then use the product’s menu to navigate.


Best of Transylvania Self-Guided Motorcycle Tours
Price and Departure

Departure date

price/person based on 2 people sharing a double room

Single room

7 day motorcycle tour
09:00 AM departure from Cluj-Napoca

On request

Special offer available for bookings made before
June 30 - 2024!

Rider with BMW G 650 GS

989 €
939 €

199 €
169 €

Rider with BMW F 800 GS

1129 €
1079 €

199 €
169 €

Rider with BMW F 750 GS

1549 €
1444 €

199 €
169 €

Rider with BMW F 850 GS

1549 €
1444 €

199 €
169 €

Rider with BMW R 1200 GS

1239 €
1189 €

199 €
169 €

Rider with BMW R 1200 GS LC

1549 €
1444 €

199 €
169 €

Rider with BMW R 1250 GS

1619 €
1542 €

199 €
169 €

Rider with own motorbike

619 €
569 €

199 €
169 €


619 €
569 €

199 €
169 €

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Adventure Motorcycle Tours -Transylvania Live is specialized in motorcycle tours  in Transylvania, Romania and in Eastern Europe. We are here to offer you a personal, flexible highly efficient service and give you a superb riding experience. Therefore, if you have any other queries or you would like to adapt your Romanian package in any way, we will be pleased to offer you any assistance that you may require.

BMW Motorcycle Tour - Best of Transylvania Self Guided
Tour Map

best of transylvania motorcycle tour map
Best of Transylvania Motorcycle Tour Map

BMW Motorcycle Tour - Best of Transylvania Self Guided
Special notes & info

  • Duration of the tour: 7 days
  • Riding days: 7 days
  • Total distance: Approximately 1375 km/ 852 miles
  • Skill level: intermediate
  • Lodging type: good quality Hotels
  • Rides: on paved roads as well as on sections of gravel roads
  • What to bring: Complete motorcycle gear with integral or flip up helmet
  • How to arrive: Fly to Cluj-Napoca Airport. Our representative will wait for you at arrivals Terminal and transfer you to Turda to pick up your motorbike.
    In the last day of the tour we will reach Cluj-Napoca at about 06:00 PM. Please book flights or additional nights accordingly.


Other mentions

  • Once you realize the price of good beer and wine you will probably not want to return to your country.
  • Cluj-Napoca is well known city for the night life opportunity.
  • Plenty of English is spoken and you will find the people are friendly and open.
  • No visa is required and you can get green card extension insurance from your insurer to cover Romania.

Media Mentions


We're pleased to say that Adventure Motorcycle Tours - Transylvania Live  has recently garnered the attention of several publications and broadcasts
more details here

Where you’ll stay in this motorcycle tour

click here to see the selection of hotels we use during our motorcycle tours. The accommodation is chosen either for its convenient location in the center of the city or  in nature with amazing views.

Advice for Americans traveling abroad

According with U.S. government the following advice are to be followed:

Before you go

  • Confirm your passport is valid for 6 months from when you think your trip will end. Don’t get stranded.
  • Get comprehensive travel insurance to cover you and your gear. Get insurance that’s right for you and covers your activities in the places you’ll go. Remember, regardless of how healthy and fit you are, if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.
  • Consider your physical and mental health. Get advice from your doctor if you’re unsure.
  • See your doctor or travel clinic 8 weeks before you go for a basic health check
  • Check if your medication is legal and available in the places you’re going. Take enough of your prescribed medicines to last the whole trip. Carry copies of your prescription and a letter from your doctor.
  • Tell your bank you’re travelling and check if your cards will work. Have several payment options.
  • If you’ll drive overseas check out the local traffic laws and practices. You’re likely to need an International Driving Permit (IDP) as well as your US driver’s license.
  • Share your itinerary with friends or family members. Give them copies of your passport

Travel insurance

Holidays don’t always go as planned. If you’re going overseas, travel insurance is as important as a passport. Without it, you or your family could suffer financially if things go wrong. No matter who you are, where you’re going and what you’re doing, get insurance.

Travel insurance is especially important if you need medical assistance. Healthcare overseas can be very expensive. Most countries won’t give you free care, or subsidies the cost of your care. You, or your insurer, must usually pay full price.

Travel Advice for Americans visiting Romania


Keep your personal belongings close. Lock hotel and train compartment doors from the inside.

Drink spiking is an issue, especially in Bucharest’s Old Town. Don’t accept food, drinks, gum or cigarettes from people you’ve just met.

Dating and marriage scams occur.

Only use ATM's in banks, shops and shopping centers, especially at night. Always keep your credit card in sight. Be wary of people you’ve met online.

Local laws

Penalties for drug offences are severe. They can include jail sentences of up to 20 years.

By law, you must always carry photo ID. Keep your passport in a safe place. Carry a photocopy.

It’s illegal to take photos of airports, military sites or other secure locations.

It’s illegal to engage in sex work or have sexual relations with a person under 18.

Same-sex relationships are legal in Romania, but not widely accepted.

Local contacts:

You can get full consular help from the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest

Please check the itinerary below:


Day 1

Time : 1:00 pm

Cluj Napoca - Turda

About 60 km/ 37 miles – 1h riding -
Welcome to Romania! Our staff collects you from Cluj Napoca Airport. From Cluj transfer to Turda, a small town with an intimate atmosphere foundedby the Romans under the name Potaissa. Prepare to descend to the heart of one of the biggest saltminesinthe country – Turda Salt Mines, with impressive halls named after kings and queens. A ride to the Sunset mountains will make you an apetite for more. Accommodate in a 4* hotel.

Day 2

Time : 9:00 am

Turda – Aiud – Cetatea de Balta – Medias –Biertan– Sighisoara

About 210 km – 5 h riding -
Ride the natural reservation of Aiudului Gorges and cross the wine region of Jidvei to reach the charming Medias. Enjoy a relaxing walk in the medieval town of Medias and continue riding to Biertan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the finest Saxon fortified churches in Transylvania. Next stop is the medieval citadel of Sighisoara. Founded by Saxons during the 12th century, Sighisoara still stands as one of Europe’s most beautiful and still inhabited fortified cities with UNESCO European heritage site status. Sighisoara is also the place where Vlad the Impaler, known as Dracula, was born.

Day 3

Time : 9:00 am

Sighisoara – Bran – Rasnov – Brasov

About 195 km – 3.45 h riding - Continue your journey riding Bogatii Forest to reach Transylvania’s symbol, Bran Castle. Unrightfully called Dracula’s Castle, Bran owes its fame both to its unique charm and to the myth Bram Stoker created around Dracula. A former fortress guarding a commercial road, Bran dates back to 1377. In 1920, Queen Mary, the niece of Queen Victoria of Great Britain, turned the castle into a beautiful summer residence. Explore today Brasov, a city with an outstanding medieval atmosphere which has played a vital role in Romania’s history, both old and new. Three quarters of the city is surrounded by mountains,
and it is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe.

Optional: For a unique experience you’re invited to enjoy a helicopter ride over Bran Castle

Day 4

Time : 9:00 am

Brasov – Sinaia – Transbucegi Road – Brasov

About 220 km – 5.20 h riding - Start the day riding Prahova Valey and visit Peles Palace, one of the most beautiful royal residences in Europe, home to most of Romania’s monarchs. Get on the motorbikes and continue riding Transbucegi Road – the newest mountain road in Romania offering amazing views. Also known as Babele Road, Transbucegi is a narrow mountain road, filled with hairpin curves taking you up to 1925 m above sea level.

Day 5

Time : 9:00 am

Brasov – Zarnesti – Transfagarasan – Capatanenii Pamantului

About 196 km – 5 h riding -
An incredible ride for you today – Transfagarasan Highway – the most crooked and challenging of Europe's roads for motorcyclists. Built between 1970 and 1974 as a military route, by communist dictator Ceausescu (after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968) it snakes up into the Carpathians offering great rides and enormous satisfaction.

Day 6

Time : 9:00 am

Capatanenii Pamantului – Curtea de Arges – Transalpina – Ranca

About 170 km – 5.10 h riding - Curtea de Arges is your next destination with its beautifull Monastery built in Byzantine style, with Moorish arabesques. Find out the legend of the monastery and continue your journey riding up the mountains. Transalpina Road, one of the most spectacular roads of the Carpathian Mountains and the highest mountain road in Romania is next on your agenda.

Day 7

Time : 9:00 am

Ranca – Transalpina – Turda

About 214 km/ 124 miles – 5 h riding -
Continue exploring Transalpina Road. With its highest point at Urdele Pass – 2,145m above sea level, the road is also called The King's Road by the locals, the road was built under the rule of King Carol II of Romania and rebuilt during World War II by German troops. Reach the town of Alba Iulia Citadel, a fortress with seven bulwarks, a star shaped citadel, common to Vauban fortresses. Your journey will end in Turda, with a smile on your face and road bends to last you for a lifetime.

Trip Includes:


  • Accommodation: 1 night in a 4* hotel, 5 nights in 3* hotels
  • Meals: 6 breakfasts
  • general map
  • 1 GPS unit/group
  • detailed tour itinerary with hotel information and recommendations
  • Transfer to/from the Airport
  • Internet access
  • Transportation: Rent a motorcycle or bring your own motorbike, 7 riding days, Unlimited mileage, third party liability insurance

Trip Excludes:


  • tour guide
  • Gas
  • parking
  • entry fees to the mentioned tourist attractions
  • lunches and dinners
  • beverages
  • individual activities
  • plane ticket, airport fees
  • photo, video tax
  • other not mentioned
  1. Nick Gilbert:

    Excellent Holiday
    I booked a holiday through Transylvania Live to visit the sites associated with Vlad the Impaler / Count Dracula in Romania and had a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Everything was well organised, the guide was excellent and we had a really friendly group of people to tour with. I was a little concerned to have to book a holiday through the Internet with a company I didn’t have any prior experience off but everything was fine. If you want to visit Transylvania I’d definitely recommend this tour.

  2. Matt C.:

    My wife and I had an excellent time during this self-guided tour. All hotels were prearranged, we had a GPS and a BMW R1200GS motorcycle. Great selection of roads. Thanks.

  3. Tom K.:

    We always travel alone but sometimes prefer the hotels to be pre-booked. Adventure Motorcycle Tours did that for us. We got a BMW R1200GS motorbike, our itinerary, hotel vouchers and the navigation system and on our way. Great choice of roads to ride and hotels. Thanks.

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Local Costs in a 3* restaurant: Soft Drink: USD 1.3; Beer: USD 1.7; Bottle of Wine: USD 8.7 - USD 18, 3 course dinner: USD 13.28 - USD 18.11. In shops these products can be 50% cheaper.

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In Romania electric power in use is of 220 voltages, AC, usually 2 pronged.

Romania enjoys warm summers and cold winters. In summer, cool cottons are best and in the winter a warm jacket or alike is recommended. Autumn is dry and cool, with fields and trees producing beautifully colored foliage. The weather in October-November is very unpredictable, with daytime temperatures between 6°-17° Celsius (42.80 - 62.60 Fahrenheit), and night time temperatures between 3° - 10°Celsius (37.40 - 50 Fahrenheit); but it is very much possible that you will see some snowfall especially in the mountain areas.

Romanian time is EET (Eastern European Time), two hours ahead of GMT. Bucharest, Romania is seven hours ahead of Washington, DC - USA. Check right now what time is in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania: https://time.is/Bucharest

2 x trousers/long skirts such as Colombia or Kathmandu
1 x shorts
1 x set of bathers
5 x t-shirts
1 x thermal set
1 x polar fleece/jumper/windcheater
5 x socks and underwear
1 good broad rimmed hat
1 x set of thongs/sandals/flip flops
1 x light walking boots
complete motorcycle gear
rain gear

Yes, every motorcycle has a safety and mechanical inspection prior to every rental. We have trained technicians on premises. All motorcycles are maintained to manufacturers' specifications and our technicians are very well acquainted with all rented bikes. Your safety is our #1 priority.

You must have a valid motorcycle license to rent a motorcycle from Adventure Motorcycle Tours - Transylvania Live. The license from your country is sufficient - you don't have to get an international drivers license.

All models have power outlets built into the fairing that allow you to plug in your Global Positioning Unit.

Certain vehicles provide for lockable storage.

Yes, Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live location offers free of charge, safe and secure storage of your excess luggage and personal items during your tour.

Adventure Motorcycle Tours - Transylvania Live can provide you with a side-car motorcycle on request. Please contact us for more details.

Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live has a good selection of helmets, gloves or rain suites for rent. Please note that the rental of these accessories depends upon availability. However we suggest you bring your own for fitment and comfort.
2-3 days – EURO 10 /day
4-6 days – EURO 8/ day
7-14 days – EURO 6/day
Over 14 days – EURO 5/day

Yes, for your own safety, and per Romanian law, both you and your passenger are required to wear a certified helmet at all times when you ride our motorcycle.