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Dracula Motorcycle Tours in Transylvania

Ride under Dracula’s Wings on our Dracula Motorcycle Tours in Transylvania. Enjoy a Halloween Short Break or a 5 Day motorcycle adventure in Dracula’s Realm. Visit:

Sighisoara Citadel – Dracula’s birthplace
Bran Castle – aka Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania
Dracula’s Faithful Fortress in Poienari
Enjoy a Dracula Dinner in Hunter Castle Hotel
Visit Turda Salt Mines in Transylvania – the coolest underground place in the World

The motorcycle tours are completed with some of the best roads in the World: Transfagarasan Road and Transalpina Highway.

Bring your silver cross and garlic and check daily your reflection in the mirror.

Ride with a BMW Motorrad Travel Partner!

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